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Your Journey to Alignment Starts Here

Let me guide you to becoming a master self-healer, being in control of your mental + physical health. 

Imagine yourself. Confident, energetic and unapologetically authentic. Living fully aligned in the way you know you were meant to. No longer feeling overwhelmed by your distress, no longer trapped in your head or body. Instead you feel light, you feel an inner-peace and you feel fully alive.

 The focus of my work is to guide you to being back in control of your health and your life without waiting months or even years for results like traditional talk-therapy or medication therapy. Start living your most authentic life now and stop letting your mind or trapped trauma control your life.

Yes I'm Ready

Your next steps towards a happier + aligned you...

How the Healing Journey Works

Step 1

Vibe Check Call

  • We talk about your main challenges and your personal experience living with your distress.

  • You have an opportunity to ask questions and get clarification, and we get to pass the vibe check.

  • I then guide you towards tools and resources to help get you on your way, and offer a customized healing journey for your unique needs. 

Step 2


  • We assess if there are neurotransmitter imbalances and nutrient deficiencies that may be causing your distress and begin to balance if needed.

  • Together we create a customized daily ritual to begin the process of reclaiming your nervous system

  • Discover your core beliefs and limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck. 

Step 3

Activate + Integrate + Align

  • Activate your inner pharmacy and quietly transform what's heavy to more grounding energy. 

  • Integrate this new vibrational state into reality and become rooted in self love with self+soul care.

  • Ongoing support to help you with the transition to the new you, into this new vibrational alignment. You have me there to guide you and keep you on track, fully supported, not left to figure it out alone. 

Yes I'm Ready

How It Works

While most doctors and therapists "treat" mental health and trauma with talk-therapy and modern medication; what I do helps clients balance their mind and body to make rapid breakthroughs within the session. The work is done together, fully supported, clients are never left to go through the process alone.

Every person's experience is unique, so I use my experience to give you the most appropriate healing techniques to put you back in control of your health. Including, but not limited to, Breathwork, EFT, Body Movement, Coaching and Somatic Emotional Release Techniques. 

This wholistic approach to mental health and trauma is powerful in its ability to help you resolve your symptoms in months, where conventional therapies can take years.

Let'sWork Together

Activate your POWER + BE in control  of your own healing!

Everyone’s lived experiences of anxiety and trauma are dramatically different and YOU deserve to be treated as the whole, unique person you are.

Jump on a 60 minute Vibe Check Call with me to evaluate the best healing modalities to suit your individual needs – no obligation and totally free!


I work with clients allover the world via Zoom + Google Meet. Although I am U.S. based, I have successfully worked with clients globally, including Australia and Europe. 

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