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WHOLE Body Alignment

Supporting mental health + trauma warriors calm their anxious mind + reclaim their nervous system so they can be in control of their mental + physical health. 

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Hi! I'm Krystee

    I lived with anxiety from trauma for over 20 years and understand from experience what you’re going through.

    Honestly, you're damn tired of not getting results in the medical and therapy merry-go-round. 

  • You feel stressed and burned out, have intrusive thoughts, and use drugs, alcohol or food to relax. 

  • You experience panic attacks, low-self-esteem, mood swings, and digestive issues.

  • You are easily upset, experience an inner tension but hide your feelings, poor focus, and frequent fatigue. 

  • This is the reality for so many dealing with mental health and trauma symptoms. And this cycle will continue for years. 

I know, because I've been there!

I also fully believe you were destined for more. That you’ve still got hope and you’re able and willing to put in the work for the life you dream of.

My comittment is to help you get there!

  • Visualize This For A Second...

    You, grounded and radiating a peaceful joy. Being able to bridge that gap between the life you envision for yourself, and what your body is hanging onto. No longer being held back.

    Releasing the fear and shame, and reclaiming your power and mind. Finally embodying confidence and feeling aligned with your inner and outer world!

    You are in control of your health. You ARE activated and aligned. YOU have the power.

    Yes I Want This
  • You are the main character of your story!

    It’s my mission to guide every client to activate their inner pharmacy and become their own master self-healer. The combination of many healing modalities provides a completely unique, heart-centered experience with every session as unique as the warrior before me.

    This is a gentle, rapid approach to therapy that gets results in months, not years. Typically, my clients will start seeing results after the first session. It's truly transformational.

    While most doctors and therapists "treat" mental health and trauma with talk-therapy and modern medication; what I do helps clients balance their mind and body to make rapid breakthroughs within the session. The work is done together, fully supported, clients are never left to go through the process alone.

    This is what makes this wholistic method so powerful!

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    What Our Client’s Are Saying

    Krystee is the best! She is a one of a kind healer. Krystee is amazing. Thank you so much! She helped me clear my blocks. Her healing energy is absolutely magical to experience. You help me every time with blocks that I didn’t even know were there. 

    Kristi F.

    owner at YogaSix

  • Be in control of your own healing. Finally see the results you're looking for! 

    I know what it's like to feel detached from the world around you and the life you want to live. I SEE YOU. I understand the inner desire live authentically and the frustration of your distress running your world. I offer you hope, empathy, and way forward into WHOLE Body Alignment.

    Together we can uncover what’s holding you back.

    I elevate women to get off the medical merry-go-round, and become a self-healer, being in control of their own health and healing. 

    More about my story >>
  • Your next steps towards a happier + aligned you....

    How the Healing Journey Works

    Step 1

    Vibe Check Call

    • We talk about your main challenges and your personal experience living with your distress.

    • You have an opportunity to ask questions and get clarification, and we get to pass the vibe check.

    • I then guide you towards tools and resources to help get you on your way, and offer a customized healing journey for your unique needs. 

    Step 2


    • We assess if there are neurotransmitter imbalances and nutrient deficiencies that may be causing your distress and begin to balance if needed.

    • Together we create a customized daily ritual to begin the process of reclaiming your nervous system

    • Discover your core beliefs and limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck. 

    Step 3

    Activate + Integrate + Align

    • Activate your inner pharmacy and quietly transform what's heavy to more grounding energy. 

    • Integrate this new vibrational state into reality and become rooted in self love with self+soul care. 

    • Ongoing support to help you with the transition to the new you, into this new vibrational alignment. You have me there to guide you and keep you on track, fully supported, not left to figure it out alone. 


    Activate your POWER + BE in control of your own healing.

    Everyone’s lived experiences of anxiety and trauma are dramatically different and YOU deserve to be treated as the whole, unique person you are.

    Jump on a 60 minute Vibe Check Call with me to evaluate the best healing modalities to suit your individual needs – no obligation and totally free!

    Let's Work Together


    I work with clients allover the world via Zoom + Google Meet. Although I am U.S. based, I have successfully worked with clients globally, including Australia and Europe. 

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